What is it?

This started as a fun exercise that I did in the car: playing the Hamilton cast recording and singing other songs to fit. It quickly turned into a project worthy of a musical theatre nerd! #nerdalert

Wait for It/He plays the Violin

One of my favorite musicals is 1776 (seriously, #nerdalert) and I thought what better mash up than two musicals about the American Revolution? "He Plays the Violin" ended up being a perfect fit for this song!


Take a Break/The Chain

I was inspired to use Ingrid Michaelson's "The Chain" after seeing Anna T. Bergman and friends mash it up with "Ring of Keys" from FUN HOME. I love the way both these songs deal with the wall that can be so easily built and torn down between loved ones. 


 Dear Theodosia/Where You Lead

I am currently obsessing over Gilmore Girls, so what better than marrying the theme song (Carole King's "Where You Lead") with the touching ballad, "Dear Theodosia"!